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SP101 - Discover

SP101 Lesson 2 – Your Sun & Your Moon

Discover the importance of the Sun and Moon in your Divine Blueprint. and uncover what your they have to say about your Soul Plan in this life. Assess how aligned you are to this energy within you, where you may be in shadow in relation to this energy and how you can shift to a more healthy expression of this energy.

SP101 Lesson 4 – Planetary Transits

Discover the importance of Planetary Transits. Discover how the movement of planets in the celestial realms when uniquely connecting to your Divine Blueprint, facilitates the divine timing of your life, your cycles and stages of growth. Discover how they ensure that if you are off track with your destiny and purpose, that you redirect and get back on track (like it or not)! Learn about how to use your Time-Line Report to ascertain what is happening for you over the next 3 months!

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