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DB1-1 Pre-Training

DB1-1 Pre-Training – Connecting to Your Higher Self

Discover the 'PROCESS OF CONNECTING TO YOUR HIGHER SELF' - this process is simple and has the ability to completely change your life. Not only will you be able to utilise this gift of Higher Self Communication to navigate your daily lives, to resolve challenges and to empower yourself to live on path. You will also use this foundational skill throughout the remainder of this workshop.

DB1-1 Pre-Training – Important Background Information

Discover the magic, power, wisdom, technology behind; The Celestial Resonance Symbol, The Celestial Temple and the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light. Connecting with the information shared here will greatly support you as you prepare to be initiated to your own personal direct connection with the Celestial Temple.

DB1-1 Pre-Training – Introduction to Astrology

This is not an Astrology Workshop by any traditional measure - what you will be discovering/mastering here is what I have called ONENESS ASTROLOGY. Through the unified field, YOU will be realising intimate connections with your higher self, your divine blueprint, planetary/starry beings, the sun and the moon - here is where the magic & truth for you lies! Be conscious that YOU WILL GREATLY BENEFIT FROM THIS WORKSHOP WHETHER YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH ASTROLOGY / PRACTICE ASTROLOGY OR HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER ABOUT ASTROLOGY! To cover all bases this information I am calling 'Astrology 101' is offered for those participants who are completely new to the 'science of astrology' - or have very minimal knowledge of it! If this is YOU - again I want you to feel completely confident in your ability to gain maximum benefits from your upcoming workshop experience!

DB1-1 Pre-Training – Energetic Preparation

Energetically prepare for your workshop journey by regularly listening to 'The Rhythm of One' Light Language Transmission (you are gifted a FREE MP3 Download). PLUS access the "HIGHER SELF - Clearing Limiting Beliefs Technique" to support your preparation & journey through for your DB1 workshop!

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