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DB1-1 Pre-Training – Introduction to Astrology

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This is not an Astrology Workshop by any traditional measure - what you will be discovering/mastering here is what I have called ONENESS ASTROLOGY. Through the unified field, YOU will be realising intimate connections with your higher self, your divine blueprint, planetary/starry beings, the sun and the moon - here is where the magic & truth for you lies! Be conscious that YOU WILL GREATLY BENEFIT FROM THIS WORKSHOP WHETHER YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH ASTROLOGY / PRACTICE ASTROLOGY OR HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER ABOUT ASTROLOGY! To cover all bases this information I am calling 'Astrology 101' is offered for those participants who are completely new to the 'science of astrology' - or have very minimal knowledge of it! If this is YOU - again I want you to feel completely confident in your ability to gain maximum benefits from your upcoming workshop experience!

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