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DB1.04 Module 8

Kyrona Sings the Language of Light

WELCOME TO MODULE 8 – Your Uranus & Transiting Uranus



In this module you journey to meet and attune to Uranus.  You will be connecting to your inner Uranus  to discover how you uniquely hold this energy within you, why you chose this energy and how you can minimise challenges &  make the most of it etc.



Please follow these 4 simple steps to complete this module.

  1. Complete the Module 8 – Preparation Process (below)
  2. Journey through the Module 8 Video Training (Part 1 and 2) and complete the tuning in activities as guided.  Make good notes so that you can share them with others during the Q&A/Sharing Webinar and/or on your Facebook Workshop Support Page.
  3. Login 5 minutes prior to your LIVE Q&A/Sharing Webinar commencing. This is not compulsory. However if you cannot make it and want to gain a deeper understanding, be sure to journey with the recording of this webinar which will be available below – within 24 hours of facilitation.
  4. When you have finished all components of Module 8, you can move forward and begin preparing for Module 9.


Step 1: The Preparation Process for Module 8

  1. Download & Print out Student Notes for Module 8 (refer Downloads below).
  2. Download & Print out your Handout #12 (refer Downloads below) – detailing how to prepare for module 8.
  3. Follow the instructions in handout #12 to prepare.
  4. Have available both the “YOUR CURRENT Transit Chart” & the “Transits For Class “ document you have been emailed prior to last weeks module.  Now look to the 2nd row of the table in your ‘Transits for Class’ document, it is called ‘URANUS Module 8’.  This row details the house Uranus is currently in for you and also the ‘transit’ if any that I want  you to tune into during this aspect of module 8 video training (which is highlighted by **).
  5. When you have completed all the above steps you are ready to begin viewing the Training Videos.


Downloads for this weeks workshop

HANDOUT 12 – Preparing for Module 8


NOTE:  if you want to be reminded how to see if you have a Uranus Flair you can revisit the preparation videos in Module 7 from last week!




Step 2:  Commence Module 2 by watching the below Training Video’s

Trust me even though you were not one of the individuals live on the webinar for the recording of this video training, YOU WILL receive full benefit, and full activation’s, just by watching these videos! THE ENERGY OF THESE TRAINING VIDEO’S IS SUPPORTED BY MASTER THOTH, LORD MELCHIZEDEK, THE CELESTIAL TEMPLE AND all planetary/starry beings, the Sun & Moon in our Solar System. This wonderful support team operates 24/7 – it is beyond magical. I know you will sense and experience the incredible level of support available to you, as you journey forward!

I have left the interactive component here also, for the questions students ask during these recordings are probably questions you want to ask! The insecurities, probably some you are feeling and certainly their shared experiences I am sure will validate your own.

Video Training Part 1 – About Natal Uranus & Tuning into Natal Uranus

If you are interested, here is link to the NASA Symphonies of the Planets Audio Series (I mentioned in the above video):  Learn More HERE


Video Training Part 2 – About Transitting Uranus & Tuning into Transitting Uranus

If you are interested, here is link to the a video sharing of a poem I wrote, the week we were relocated from our home as Uranus directed my Mars (as discussed in the above video).  It is a poem and light language activation codes, supporting you now and always to move with celestial flow, through change, growth & rebirth!  Experience HERE


Step 3: You are ready to join me in the Module 8 – LIVE Q&A/Sharing Webinar

[message_box title=”HAVE QUESTIONS?” color=”green”]If you have any questions in relation to this workshop that have not been answered during your training experience, please take note of it so that you can ask me during the LIVE Q&A/Sharing webinar for Module 8. If you can make it be sure to email me at – I will do my best to answer this during the webinar. The recording of the webinar will be available within 24 hours of facilitation![/message_box]


Module 8 – Live Q & A Audio Recordings

  • January 2014


  • June 2014


Step 4: You are ready to move to Module 9

Congratulations you have completed Module 8. You are now ready to move on to journey through Module 9 which looks at your Neptune & Your Pluto!

So looking forward to continuing the journey with you!

Kyrona Unity Hope

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