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Divine Blueprint Alchemy EVENT

Learn all about this DIVINE BLUEPRINT ALCHEMY EVENT & register for the next one by visiting PLEASE NOTE: You Do NOT need this 'DB Alchemy' service if you have already had a Full Divine Blueprint Ceremony with Kyrona.


Divine Blueprint Alchemy – INTRODUCTION & PREPARATION

This preparation is COMPULSORY! Here I share all the information you need to know to ensure your experience in this event is enjoyable, seamless and highly beneficial! I am will ensure that you understand what this event is all about and how it is going to so powerfully support you. I am going to ensure that you make the most of the energetic upgrades you connect to during this event, in order to guarantee that your Divine Blueprint Alchemy experience is life changing!

Divine Blueprint Alchemy – THE CEREMONY

Experience a very unique, sacred and powerful 30 minute Divine Blueprint Ceremony with Kyrona! This magical journey includes a truly potent Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Transmission, very deep energy work and DNA light code activation’s, the graphic above is a depiction of how sacred star temple technology Kyrona is weaving during your ceremony will be connecting you to the Celestial Realms, into your DNA/Divine Blueprint and into the ley-lines of Mother Gaia!

Divine Blueprint Alchemy – WRAPPING UP!

Your Divine Blueprint Alchemy Journey is not over yet! It is really important that you watch the below DEBRIEF/WRAP UP VIDEO to ensure that you understand the path forward!