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Category Introductory Level

  • The Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program

    2 Lessons in

    Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program

    A revolutionary & empowering on-line Mastery Program with wisdom, tips, potent healing & tools, for you to survive & thrive Mercury Retrograde now & always!

  • Discover Your Soul Plan (SP101)

    8 Lessons in

    A 5-hour, self-paced, multi-media, mini-workshop that is guaranteed to inspire & delight YOU! There are no pre-requisites so its a great place to start your CRAOL journey! Your soul came to earth with a unique “SOUL PLAN” and you gave yourself a user manual & travel guide for your life! Let me help you discover what YOUR Plan is, how to read your User Manual & more!

  • Divine Blueprint Self Mastery - LEVEL 1 : (DB1-1)

    17 Lessons in

    Divine Blueprint Mastery - Level 1

    Step into your destiny, supported by the Magic of ONENESS ASTROLOGY This workshop is for everyone, there are no pre-requisits, making this another great workshop to start your CRAOL Journey! Commence your Divine Blueprint Mastery Journey with this LEVEL 1 workshop. You will experience 6 life changing multi-media, self-paced training modules (with optional LIVE Q&A webinar support). You will learn how to commune with your Higher Self and your Divine Blueprint. You will experience profound & powerful Galactic Shamanic Journeys to further refine & activate your divine blueprint. You will learn how to intimately connect to & commune with the PERSONAL PLANETS (The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury & Jupiter) & the CONSTELLATIONS in the heavens above and within your Divine Blueprint, gaining profound insights into who you are, your life and how you live it. So if its time for you to access TRUE ANSWERS to the BIG QUESTIONS of your life for yourself! Questions like; “Who am I?”, “What is my destiny & purpose?”, “What is my perfect career/relationship?", "What can I do today to align with this?" & every other question you can think of! This workshop is for you! It's all possible because of the power of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language, Celestial Temple Technology & the DNA Activation's you will experience! It's time to BE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS in Action & shine like never before! Get started now!

  • Divine Blueprint Self Mastery - LEVEL 2: (DB1-2)

    10 Lessons in

    Divine Blueprint Mastery LEVEL 2

    The journey continues... It's time to dig deep and take your mastery up a notch - the knowledge, skills and DNA light code activations you connect to in this next stage of Divine Blueprint Mastery - Level 2, will empower and change you life in the most profound ways! In this Divine Blueprint Mastery LEVEL 2 workshop - you attune to, connect and commune with the OUTER PLANETS (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and the asteroid Chiron. These celestial beings are the power houses in our Divine Blueprint, they detail life agreements that we made when we came to Earth. As they move around us in the heavens (connecting to us uniquely in transit) they create times of profound initiation & growth, setting up experiences that call us to action. These planets are our evolutionary time keepers and facilitators. In this workshop you are not only going to commune with these BEings as they are weaved into your divine blueprint. Now you will discover how to commune with them as they are transiting through the heavens above and CONNECTING to you from time to time, so that you can reveal the purpose of these divinely timed connections and the initiations they are creating for you. You will learn how to tune into these connections and discover how you can minimise challenges and maximise the potential of these divine timings, so that you can best move in alignment with the divine plan for your life and be the most successful you can be. EVEN BETTER not only will you learn how to do this for yourself but for others as well! So if you thought your journey through Level 1 was incredible - you are going to be blown away by Level 2. And of course, this journey is all possible because of the power of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language, Celestial Temple Technology & the DNA Activation's you will experience!