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Category DB1 Advanced Level

  • Celestial Resonance Initiation & Activation (CR1)

    7 Lessons in

    Continue your mastership journey through the Celestial Temple! The pre-requisite for this workshop is DB1. Experience 3 magical multi-media, self-paced training modules (with optional LIVE Q&A webinar support). If you are opening your light language channel OR you want to. If you are already channeling light language but do not know what to do with your gift OR you simply wish to expand your light language skills further, this workshop is for you! You will be channeling Celestial Resonance by the end of these 3 modules!

  • Celestial Resonance Advanced ORB Healing (CR2)

    21 Lessons in

    Celestial Resonance Advanced Orb Healing Workshop (CR2)

    Continue your mastership journey through the Celestial Temple! The pre-requisite for this workshop is CR1. Experience another potent and life enhancing initiation to open to Activate the healing power of your Celestial Resonance Orb, gain a starry healing team and more. Experience 5 magical multi-media, self-paced training modules Learn incredible Orb Healing Techniques that you can weave seamlessly into any healing modality you already practice, or work with stand alone. Whether you are an experienced healer or new to healing, you can do this! This is healing for the New Golden Age and it is incredibly effective for personal healing, healing family/ friends/ clients/ your environment / animals / the Earth and all Humanity!

  • DB1 Immersion #1 - "HEALER UPGRADE"

    8 Lessons in

    This is a mini-workshop ONLY available to Graduates of DB1. In the DB1 you learned about natal and transit charts, as well as, how to tune into them to receive empowering wisdom and guidance (for yourself & others). In this HEALER UPGRADE IMMERSION, you are going to empower yourself even more by accessing the tools/skills and guidance you require to create natal charts, transit charts and reports for yourself, family, friends and clients (in order to better understand their energy and support them to navigate their important transits, and more!). (NOTE: This training is in fact the pre-training provided for the Divine Blueprint Practitioner DB2 Workshop. It is offered to DB1 graduates who do not wish to proceed to Practitioner Level at this stage, but wish to have these valuable skills).