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Welcome to the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light

This is the Co-ordination HUB for all Kyrona’s Online Workshops

It is through the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light that Kyrona Unity Hope offers empowering, uplifting and transformational Celestial Resonance ceremonies/events/ group activities and ONLINE WORKSHOPS to the world.

The Life-Changing ONLINE Workshops Currently Facilitated by Kyrona

Discover Your Soul Plan Mini-Workshop (SP101) 

The Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program (MR1)

Divine Blueprint Self Mastery (DB1)

Celestial Resonance Initiation & Activation (CR1)

Celestial Resonance Orb Healing (CR2)

Divine Blueprint Practitioner (DB2)

To learn more about these amazing workshops and to secure your access go here.

Kyrona’s main internet presence is found at – here you can access amazing free gifts, learn all about Celestial Resonance Living Light Language, access Kyrona’s services and her amazing Celestial Temple Members Area!

This site is utilised to facilitate our ONLINE WORKSHOPS ONLY.


kyrona_profilepic_fb3The Celestial Resonance Academy of Light is a multi-dimensional etheric pyramid energetically connected to and supported by the Thoth Mystery School of Ancient Egypt, it operates synergistically alongside several other such sacred centres of love, light and learning. The Celestial Resonance Academy of Light is supported and overseen by Master Thoth and Lord Melchizadek.

As such the Academy is a potent and transformative portal of pure potentiality! A loving and nurturing, high frequency sacred space, supporting awakened souls and those in spiritual service.

All the services and activities offered by Kyrona through the Academy have weaved within them the incredible technology of Celestial Resonance Light Language and are greatly supported by not only Thoth & Melchizadek, but also by the Elohim, many other celestial consciousnesses, higher realms & high frequency grid points/portals. All facilitate the full realisation of the power of one’s Divine Blueprint, the activation of one’s DNA lightcodes, the full integration of one’s lightbody, merkabah mastery and alignment with celestial flow. Thus catapulting participants towards realising their full soul potential, their divine purpose and the highest calling of their soul.


“This Academy is a vital fractal upon the golden bridge of light that connects us to the new Golden Age now birthing upon our Earth. For all who enter its doors it is a bridge into self-mastery, into the fullness of the life they have destined for themselves! A bridge that allows this evolutionary journey to be undertaken surrounded by love and support, with the most comfort, ease and grace possible!” Kyrona

I look forward to journeying with you!

Celestial Resonance Be Yours